Glenbeigh Named by OptumHealth as a Center of Excellence Provider

Apr 18, 2012
United Behavioral Health (OptumHealth TM) has selected Glenbeigh as a Center of Excellence for substance abuse treatment for GE members with HRA and HSA benefits. Only two facilities nationwide have met the criteria for this prestigious standing.  
For over 20 years, OptumHealth TM has been identifying healthcare providers experienced in treating complex medical conditions and conducting a rigorous evaluation process to select facilities that qualify as Centers of Excellence. Only the most experienced and statistically successful healthcare providers are named as part of the Centers of Excellence networks. 
Glenbeigh is honored to be recognized as one of the top alcohol and drug treatment centers in the United States for GE employees by United Behavioral Health (OptumHealth TM). Glenbeigh remains dedicated to providing the highest quality care and to improving the health and wellness of those suffering from the disease of addiction. By providing safe, successful and cost-effective substance abuse treatment options, people with chemical dependency issues can live their lives to the fullest.
Center of Excellence status provides special benefits to United Behavioral Health members through their employer. Please consult with your employer to see if you qualify for special benefits at a Center of Excellence facility.

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