Specialty Treatment

 Glenbeigh's Inpatient Treatment Program includes a number of specialized drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, such as Women’s Services, Treatment for Licensed Professionals, Pain Education Services, Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Services, and Relapse Prevention. .

These specialty programs offer innovative treatment solutions for patients with particular needs so that women, licensed professionals, pain management patients, dual diagnosis patients, and relapse prevention patients can all find programs tailored to their special needs.

At Glenbeigh, we realize that selecting an alcohol rehab and drug treatment center can be difficult and even confusing. But you’ve already taken a very important first step by researching drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation. We are committed to providing you with additional vital and comprehensive information that will help you make an educated choice.

Glenbeigh offers innovative treatment services for patients with particular needs. These services include:

Women’s Services

The problems faced by chemically dependent women are often complex and challenging.

Treatment at Glenbeigh addresses the special needs of these women, which may include a history of trauma, domestic violence, self-esteem issues or shame created by the cultural bias toward addicted women. Glenbeigh provides alcohol and drug addicted women with an environment where they feel “safe” and comfortable talking about problems they may never have faced before. Special facilities and services for women in inpatient treatment and extended residential care include housing in a separate wing of the hospital where they have their own lounge areas to ensure privacy. Female therapists and all female counseling groups provide the opportunity to gain support from other women in order to deal with sensitive issues and begin the healing process.

Treatment for Licensed Professionals

Glenbeigh is an approved provider of the Ohio State Medical Board and the Ohio State Dental Board.

Licensed professionals such as physicians, lawyers, dentists, nurses and pharmacists may have specific problems and consequences related to their professional role and practice. Also, licensure boards may have specific requirements that the professional must satisfy before returning to practice. Glenbeigh offers individual and group counseling to help patients understand how alcohol and drug addiction affects their role as professionals. The consequences of addiction experienced by professionals are a primary focus of this therapy. Patients work on developing a healthy recovery program within their professional roles and address the requirements mandated by their respective licensure and monitoring boards.

Pain Education Services

Glenbeigh helps patients with addiction and chronic pain develop a healthy recovery program.

Our individual and group counseling focuses on how the interaction of addiction and chronic pain interferes with recovery. Patients learn how to describe their pain to assist the physicians and nurses who then provide effective options for managing pain without the use of mood altering medications. The pain education activities help patients develop healthy coping mechanisms and assertiveness skills in order to be successful in recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Services

Persons with alcohol and drug problems may also have other mental and emotional disorders.

These disorders require treatment in order for patients to develop a stable recovery program. To address these issues, Glenbeigh provides psychological and psychiatric consultations and therapy. Dual-diagnosed patients participate in specialized groups designed to promote positive self image and help patients understand how their mental and emotional disorders influence recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Glenbeigh offers Relapse Prevention Groups for patients who have experienced a relapse after six months or more of abstinence.

The groups offer patients the opportunity to examine their relapse and identify preventive measures. Individualized treatment plans are developed with a focus on relapse patterns and change objectives.

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