Coronavirus Information

All new admissions to Glenbeigh are tested for COVID-19. Infrared thermal scanners have been installed at the main entrances to monitor individual temperatures throughout the day. 

As a Cleveland Clinic affiliate hospital, Glenbeigh has access to an integrated network of expertise and resources. Because addiction is a serious and life-threatening disease, all of Glenbeigh’s treatment facilities remain open and continue to provide care. We are working in accordance with recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  

We understand the concerns, fears and questions you may have about the coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety, health and well-being of our patients, staff and community are our first priority. Therefore Glenbeigh has limited entrance points into the hospital for the foreseeable future. Anyone entering the Glenbeigh, Rock Creek, facility is required to enter through the main entrance, passing through an infrared thermal scanner, which accurately checks temperatures. After passing through the scanner, individuals are required to participate in a screening at the entrance to check for cough, shortness of breath and any other COVID symptoms. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, with a cough or shortness of breath, are not permitted to enter the facility.

Glenbeigh is incorporating a three-step screening process for incoming patients. First, a prescreening of incoming patients is completed by phone prior to arrival to assess any potential exposure. Upon arrival at Glenbeigh, new patients complete a full screen including temperature check prior to entering the facility. At this time Glenbeigh's nursing department will administer a rapid COVID-19 test or the PCR swab test. Incoming patients may be isolated until test results are confirmed. In addition, a COVID-19 test may be administered after admission or in the event of a suspected exposure. In the event of symptoms or a suspected exposure, Glenbeigh may administer COVID-19 testing and isolate or quarantine any patient. A patient who tests positive, who must remain in treatment, will be isolated for a minimum of 72 hours beyond the time that they no longer exhibit symptoms. Isolation may last up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

While in treatment, all patients are asked to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in common areas. Patients will be provided with approved masks. Gator and unapproved non-surgical masks will not be permitted. 

At Glenbeigh's outpatient centers, anyone entering the facility must participate in a standard temperature screen and be asked about COVID symptoms. All visitors will be asked to wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing. 

At Glenbeigh, we are following all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infection control guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting inpatient and outpatient facilities. Social distancing measures are being promoted as directed by the Ohio Department of Health. Outside access to Glenbeigh facilities is being limited. Visitation, family programs and outside meetings are suspended until further notice. Family programs have transitioned to an online format - information is available from the patient's primary counselor. Bridges to Recovery, a Glenbeigh recovery support initiative, is also available for online participation for anyone in the recovery community.

If you are feeling ill please stay home.

These protocols will be in effect until further notice. As more information is available, Glenbeigh will provide updates through the website. More information on measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is available through the Ohio Department of Health.

Glenbeigh continues to admit patients for inpatient treatment and continues to offer outpatient treatment services. We are following recommended procedures related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the safety of all patients, family members, visitors and staff.

  • Glenbeigh is following all CDC infection control guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our facilities.
  • We are screening everyone entering our facilities. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, with a cough, shortness of breath or any other COVID-19 symptom are not permitted to enter the facility. 
  • Glenbeigh is prescreening incoming patients by phone prior to arrival to assess any potential exposure. Upon arrival at Glenbeigh, new patients complete a full screen including temperature check prior to entering the facility. 
  • All new patients are tested for COVID-19 upon admission and may be tested again during their stay. 
  • Glenbeigh is promoting “social distancing” measures and offering face masks to patients as directed by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • All Glenbeigh staff are mandated to use regulation face masks while on Glenbeigh property. 
  • We are limiting all outside access to Glenbeigh facilities. Visitation, family programs and outside meetings are suspended until further notice. Many programs have transitioned to online formats. Please speak to an admissions specialist for more information.

In response to the ongoing changes due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Glenbeigh is offering resources and information to help people sustain their recovery while protecting the safety of our patients, alumni, families, friends, staff and the entire recovery community.  

Glenbeigh’s Virtual Recovery Care

Telehealth and virtual assessment options are currently being offered through Glenbeigh’s six outpatient treatment centers in order to keep our patients connected with Glenbeigh’s world-class care.

For people still in the early stages of recovery, social distancing and stay at home requirements may challenge your recovery efforts. With advances in virtual technology, you can use your computer, tablet, mobile phone, any other camera equipped device with an internet connection or a traditional land-line to participate in Glenbeigh’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Aftercare programming from your home.

To keep it simple, Telehealth services are offered on the same schedule as in-person programming. Telehealth sessions provide the same patient-centered treatment guided by Glenbeigh’s compassionate, highly educated and credentialed staff members.

Glenbeigh’s Telehealth conferencing platform is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant and offers high quality conferencing. The same guidelines apply as in-person meetings where the use of last names is not required.

Virtual assessments are being offered by appointment. Call any of Glenbeigh’s outpatient centers for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Glenbeigh’s Virtual Recovery Support

As part of Glenbeigh’s response to the limitations placed on social interaction, we are exploring some innovative ways to keep the recovery community connected. Glenbeigh is taking our established recovery support initiatives and offering them as free, online opportunities. This is a great opportunity to interact with others who are in recovery. Alumni, family and friends, along with the general recovery community, are welcome to participate by connecting with Glenbeigh on Facebook. Please note: participants are responsible for controlling their level of anonymity through their own device settings.

Virtual Bridges to Recovery

Explore Glenbeigh’s Virtual Bridges to Recovery meetings being offered at various times. These topic focused discussions are open to everyone in the recovery community. There are two ways to access our virtual Bridges meetings:

Link to Facebook at and look for the green and blue Bridges to Recovery icon (see below). Check daily for updates and new schedules. Every meeting has a new link ID so be sure to click on the link of the day.  Individuals are responsible for controlling their level of anonymity through their personal device settings.

Sign up to receive text alerts by texting the word "Glenbeigh" to 81411. You will receive an immediate reply from Glenbeigh's Alumni Coordinator thanking you for signing up. Then you will start receiving a text notification for upcoming meetings. Terms and Privacy Policy can be found at Message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to end or for HELP.

12-Step Meetings: It is important to nurture your recovery needs while taking standard precautions and following stay at home directives. Glenbeigh is suspending outside support meetings and is restricting in-house meetings to include only residential clients until further notice.

Glenbeigh recommends the following:

  • Call or Face time your sponsor or others in the recovery community at least once a day.
  • Attend virtual AA, NA or other reputable recovery meetings on-line. 
  • Take standard precautions such as washing hands frequently with soap and water, sanitizing your living space and limiting close proximity contact with others.
  • If you do attend a group meeting, practice social distancing, wear a mask and practice good hand hygiene when touching high use surfaces such as doorknobs, coffee pots, etc.

Families Anonymous

FA is a 12 Step fellowship for the family and friends of those individuals with drug, alcohol or related behavioral issues. Visit for more information on programs and to obtain literature that can help you navigate addiction and the recovery process.