Coronavirus Information

As health restrictions in Ohio are lifted, Glenbeigh remains committed to providing safe care. 

As a Cleveland Clinic affiliate hospital, Glenbeigh has access to an integrated network of expertise and resources. Because addiction is a serious and life-threatening disease, all of Glenbeigh’s treatment facilities continued to provide care during the pandemic and have protocols in place to address any health issue. We continue to work in accordance with recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to update mask guidelines, specifically for those individuals who are fully vaccinated, masks continue to be required for all caregivers while at work. For direct care providers, face shields and protective eyewear are required.

Glenbeigh's priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been the health and safety of our community. We remain diligent with our safety measures. Infrared thermal scanners continue to be used at the main entrances to monitor individual temperatures throughout the day. Glenbeigh continues to conduct a screening process for incoming patients, which includes a COVID-19 test. In addition, a COVID-19 test may be administered after admission or in the event of a suspected exposure. In the event of symptoms or a suspected exposure, Glenbeigh may administer COVID-19 testing and isolate or quarantine any patient. 

While in treatment, all patients are encouraged to wear a mask in crowded areas and maintain social distancing in common areas. Patients will be provided with approved masks.  

At Glenbeigh's inpatient and outpatient centers, anyone entering the facility must participate in a standard temperature screen and be asked about COVID symptoms. All visitors will be encouraged to wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing. 

At Glenbeigh, we continue to follow infection control guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting inpatient and outpatient facilities. 

If you are feeling ill please stay home.

These protocols will be in effect until further notice and are subject to change based on facility and community levels of COVID-19 cases. As more information is available, Glenbeigh will provide updates through the website.

In response to the ongoing changes due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Glenbeigh is offering resources and information to help people sustain their recovery while protecting the safety of our patients, alumni, families, friends, staff and the entire recovery community.  

Glenbeigh’s Virtual Recovery Care

Telehealth options will continue to be offered on a limited basis as full in-person treatment services return. Glenbeigh is committed to keeping our patients connected with world-class care. Patients should speak with their counselor to determine if they are eligible for telehealth services. 

12-Step Meetings: It is important to nurture your recovery needs while taking standard precautions to stay healthy. 

Glenbeigh continues to recommend the following:

  • Call or Face time your sponsor or others in the recovery community at least once a day.
  • Attend virtual AA, NA or other reputable recovery meetings on-line. 
  • Take standard precautions such as washing hands frequently with soap and water, sanitizing your work space and limiting close proximity contact with others.
  • Return to in-person support groups if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do attend a group meeting, practice social distancing, wear a mask if you chose and practice good hand hygiene when touching high use surfaces such as doorknobs, coffee pots, etc.

Families Anonymous:

FA is a 12 Step fellowship for the family and friends of those individuals with drug, alcohol or related behavioral issues. Visit for more information on programs and to obtain literature that can help you navigate addiction and the recovery process.