Supporting Your Loved Ones During the Holiday - ARCHway Institute Online Event

Dec 07, 2021
This event will explore how you can best support your loved ones during the Holidays. We know that the holidays can bring challenges for those in recovery from substance use disorders. As a caregiver, your instinct is to help. This virtual...

Maintaining Recovery from Substance Use Disorders During the Holidays

Dec 16, 2021
Course Summary: This course will explore the inherent pitfalls of holiday celebrations for those living with substance use disorders who are in recovery. Effective strategies for managing crucial life moments will be discussed, including...

Trauma and its Consequences for Individuals, Families and Communities - Virtual Rise and Shine

Jan 26, 2022
Course Summary: While prevalence estimates vary, there is consensus that high percentages of people in our (and other) communities have experienced trauma throughout their lifetimes. Many people are currently experiencing trauma ranging...