Pat Weston-Hall Legacy Endowment Fund

In honor of Pat Weston-Hall's dedication to helping people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, Glenbeigh is pleased to establish the Pat Weston-Hall Legacy Endowment Fund. An endowment fund ensures donations will be used for a specific purpose and creates a lasting legacy for donors. Donations to the Pat Weston-Hall endowment will be restricted for future construction and expansion of Glenbeigh. 

Donating to the endowment is a wonderful tribute to honor Pat's special connection to Glenbeigh and a way of thanking her for 39 years of work helping people get treatment and achieve long-term recovery. Please use the link below to make your online donation. 

Glenbeigh's development team is available to answer questions or assist with your donation. Please call Sheila at 330-652-6770 or Carrie at 440-710-3244. 

* Under special instructions please add "PWH Legacy Endowment Fund" or "PWH Endowment".
If you have issues connecting to the online donation form, or are receiving an error message, please clear your browser history and try again. If you have visited PayPal earlier, it may cause an error message.  Thank you! 

Glenbeigh is a 501-(c)-3 non-profit hospital that treats individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Undesignated gifts will be directed to Glenbeigh's general Endowment Fund.