Steps for Sobriety Challenge

They say miracles come in the midst of crisis. The Steps for Sobriety challenge emerged during the COVID-19 state mandated stay-at-home order. Enlisting the help of staff members, extended care patients spearheaded this voluntary walking, running, biking challenge. First conceived to connect with newcomers, to inspire them to exercise and get outdoors, the challenge spread to include staff, then to welcoming the entire recovery community. This includes family and friends.

Later, the goal of raising funds to provide scholarships and for the future construction of a renewal and education center on the Rock Creek campus was added.

Scholarship Fund:

Each year, Glenbeigh provides significant financial assistance in the form of patient scholarships to individuals seeking treatment who meet clinical and financial eligibility. Half of the proceeds from the Steps for Sobriety challenge will be directed to the scholarship fund to help extend patient's stay in treatment.

Renewal and Education Endowment Fund:

Glenbeigh dreams of constructing a facility to be used as a combination renewal retreat and educational center. The idea grew from the desire to have a separate center where patients could work on spirituality and also be used for patient and professional education. 

The Steps for Sobriety committee set a goal of tallying a minimum of 3,500 miles each month between May 1 and October 4, 2020.

Donations are being accepted for the challenge or there is an option of sponsoring miles. The suggested sponsorship of mileage is at $0.50 per mile. Sponsors are asked to pledge in increments of at least 10 miles. Note: In order to maintain the anonymity of Glenbeigh's patients, options to sponsor a specific person are not available. 

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Glenbeigh is a 501-(c)-3 non-profit hospital that treats individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Undesignated gifts will be directed to the Endowment Fund, Glenbeigh's priority giving initiative.