About Glenbeigh

Since 1981, Glenbeigh's alcohol and drug treatment centers have helped individuals and families living with alcohol or drug problems.

We recognize that a person’s entire life is affected by addiction. At Glenbeigh, individuals living with alcohol and drug problems are not only treated; they are listened to, accepted and understood. Glenbeigh Hospital provides medically necessary diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment services under the care of highly trained, professional staff members.   

Glenbeigh staff includes physicians, nurses, certified counselors, psychiatrists, licensed independent social workers and clergy. We believe in a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment. This includes treating the body, mind and spirit to successfully achieve lasting recovery.

Glenbeigh is a Cleveland Clinic affiliate drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital with five outpatient centers located in several communities across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare to those in need of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and to support ongoing addiction recovery efforts. 

Our Philosophy of Care

For individuals and families whose lives are affected by the use of alcohol or drugs, Glenbeigh provides help in transforming their lives. Glenbeigh's program follows a philosophy of care based on the belief that chemically dependent individuals can develop a lifestyle that is not oriented toward or dominated by chemical use.

We believe the chemically dependent person can: 

  • Develop rewarding and meaningful relationships with others
  • Become responsible for his/her own behavior
  • Regain and foster the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding their lives and the lives of loved ones
  • Become responsible, contributing members of their communities
  • Develop a sense of worth and dignity as human beings


Note: In addition to HIPAA, the confidentiality of patients records maintained by Glenbeigh are protected by Federal Law and Regulations under 42 CRF Part 2. Download and read Glenbeigh's Notice of Privacy Practices for Patients and Notification of Substance Abuse Records.  Note: Individuals unable to access these documents through the website may contact Glenbeigh's medical records department for alternate forms of accommodation such as by telephone or email. For assistance, please call 1-800-234-1001. 

It is the policy of Glenbeigh and its Outpatient Centers to not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any individual, patient, participant or employee on the basis of disability.  This includes all visible, non-visible, or any perceived disability.  Glenbeigh is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can participate in, have access to, and receive the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any of its facilities, programs, or activities.

Anyone in need of accommodation for a disability, including, but not limited to the provision of qualified sign language interpreters, please contact an admissions specialist by calling 1-800-234-1001.