Specialized Treatment

At Glenbeigh, we believe in providing specialized treatment for achieving successful, long-term recovery.

After a comprehensive assessment, inpatient treatment plans can be individualized to ensure each patient's unique needs are met. Our special treatment plans include the following:

Gender Specific Treatment

Treatment at Glenbeigh addresses the special needs of men and women seperately. We take into account any issues created by cultural bias toward either gender and specifically related to addiction.

Treatment for Helping Professionals

Licensed professionals such as physicians, lawyers, dentists, nurses and pharmacists may have specific problems and consequences related to their professional role and practice.

Treatment for Business Executives

Business leaders have responsibilities and often need to minimize the impact of being away from the office when seeking treatment.

Pain Education Services

Our individual and group counseling focuses on how the interaction of addiction and chronic pain interferes with recovery, and helps patients develop health coping mechanisms.

Treatment for First Responders

Because of their demanding jobs, many first responders turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the stress of dealing with traumatic issues and life-threatening situations. The use of substances can often lead to addiction.

Relapse Prevention

Glenbeigh offers specialized groups for patients who have experienced a relapse after six months or more of abstinence, with a focus on patterns and change objectives.

Medication Assisted Treatment

For some patients, treatment may include the use of non-addictive medication to help overcome the intense cravings sometimes experienced during the first year of recovery.

Treatment for Teaching Professionals

Teachers, administrators and other licensed school personnel have unique stressors and challenges that require specialized treatment when addressing alcohol or drug problems.

Treatment for Older Adults

When it comes to older adults living with alcohol or drug problems, whether their own or that of someone they love, there are unique challenges to address.