Financial Arrangements

Insurance Coverage

Glenbeigh participates in more than 60 managed care networks. Our staff works with your insurance/managed care company to utilize the benefits that best fit your treatment needs for the most appropriate level of care.

Private Pay Arrangements

Glenbeigh offers an affordable private-pay rate for individuals who are uninsured or who have limited health insurance.

The cost of a 30-day inpatient treatment program is an all inclusive rate of $15,000.

For the private-pay patient needing long-term care, the fee for a 90-day extended treatment program is $33,000. This includes all treatment costs.

Please contact the admissions department at 800-234-1001 for more information about private pay arrangements.

Full Hospital Charges

In compliance with state law, Glenbeigh is providing this price list*. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but the patient's responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Some uninsured and underinsured patients may qualify for assistance based on clinical and financial eligibility.

* The posted prices were reviewed August 2018.

Financial Assistance Information

Glenbeigh offers financial assistance to patients with unpaid coinsurance, deductibles and non-covered services if the patient meets financial assistance eligibility criteria. Glenbeigh's financial assistance policy as well as the financial application is available below. Please contact the Business Office if you need assistance with the application process.

Paper copies are also available at no charge. Requests for paper copies may be made by mail, through the Glenbeigh website by submitting a request on the contact form, or by phone.

Please contact the Glenbeigh Business Office at 1-800-234-1001 or by mailing a request to: Business Office, Attention: Financial Assistance, PO Box 298, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084. Applications are also available at Glenbeigh located at 2863 State Route 45, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084.  

Completed applications should be delivered in person at 2863 State Route 45, Rock Creek, Ohio or mailed to Glenbeigh Business Office, Attention: Financial Assistance, PO Box 298, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084.