Medications and the Recovering Person Booklet and Glenbeigh Annual Reports

A guide to maintaining sobriety while receiving treatment for other health problems.

There are many types of medications which may present a hazard to a person beginning the journey of recovery from chemical dependency. These include prescription and over-the-counter medications.The danger is not always that a recovering addict may develop a new addiction-though this certainly can happen- but that one can be led back into dependence on their drug of choice.

Therefore, it is very important for a recovering person to learn about the different types of medications and drugs - and which ones present a special risk to continuing recovery and sobriety.


Since 1981, Glenbeigh has practiced a philosophy of care based upon the belief that chemically dependent individuals can develop the capacity to live full and meaningful lives - without the use of mood-altering chemicals. 

Glenbeigh's annual report highlights our commitment to a comprehensive approach to personalized care and our significant milestones achieved.