Family Education

Alcohol and drug abuse affects everyone in the family, but help is available. Loved ones need support, care and attention every bit as much as the alcoholic or addict.

At Glenbeigh, we understand the anger, hopelessness, disappointment and frustration experienced by family members and loved ones. Our Family Education program teaches you how to care for yourself, work through the disruption caused by the disease and cope more effectively in all aspects of your life.

Glenbeigh's Family Education program offers support and guidance as you learn about addiction and explore recovery. Services include educational presentations, family conferences and group sessions to validate what you have been feeling and to help you develop a plan to move forward. Glenbeigh helps you realize that your family is not alone, that healing is possible and setting healthy boundaries is acceptable and can benefit everyone.

Because family participation is a crucial component of the treatment and recovery process, Glenbeigh provides this service at no additional charge. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that occurs in many families. It cannot be controlled, but it can be effectively addressed with the appropriate treatment, education and guidance.

Glenbeigh is here for you. Contact us for more information on Family Education. 

The Rock Creek Family Education program offered on Sundays is suspended until further notice in accordance with standard coronavirus precautions.

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Family programs are also available on select weekdays at our six outpatient centers as part of Glenbeigh's Intensive Outpatient and Aftercare programs.