Treatment for Business Executives

Glenbeigh offers specialty groups tailored to delve into the issues that face business executives. Peer interaction and support allows patients to explore the demands of career, family and professional standing and how it impacts one's use of alcohol and other drugs.

It is not uncommon for professionals such as corporate leaders, attorneys, lawyers, business owners and other executives to struggle with substance use disorders. Too often, alcohol and sometimes other drugs are used as a means to cope with work-related pressure and stress. Many professionals live as high-functioning alcoholics or addicts until a significant event negatively impacts their life.

Treatment for professionals starts with a customized treatment plan. Glenbeigh offers medically supervised detoxification, clinical care, individual and group counseling, family counseling and specialty groups specifically for professionals. Dual-diagnosed patients participate in specialized groups designed to promote positive self-image and help them understand how mental and emotional disorders can influence recovery. Psychiatric consultations and follow-up are provided for those in need. 

For individuals responsible for the livelihood of others, special accommodations may be made for access to online work communications and limited remote access.

Glenbeigh is one of the few treatment centers that offer a full continuum of care. This means you receive all your addiction treatment from Glenbeigh, minimizing the number of independent rehabilitation facilities you visit. This helps ensure your confidentiality is maintained. In addition, self-pay options are available for those individuals wishing to avoid insurance claims that are processed through human resources. 

Professionals are not impervious to addiction. When seeking treatment, look for programming that delivers the tools needed to build a sustainable foundation in recovery. Glenbeigh has been treating adults since 1981 and has extensive experience working with executives and licensed professionals while coordinating with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and licensing boards.

Our admissions specialists are available to answer your questions or help you get the process started with a free, confidential consultation.