Treatment for Helping Professionals

Professionals in the helping field, such as physicians, dentists, nurses and pharmacists may have specific problems and consequences related to their professional role and practice. Teachers are also often classified as helping professionals due to their licensure.  Many licensure boards have specific requirements that the professional must satisfy before returning to practice.

Glenbeigh offers a full continuum of care: from detoxification to inpatient treatment, extended care, outpatient treatment and aftercare. This means you receive all your addiction treatment from Glenbeigh, minimizing the number of independent rehabilitation facilities you visit. This helps ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

Treatment includes individual and group counseling to help patients understand how alcohol and drug addiction affects their role as professionals. The consequences of addiction experienced by professionals are a primary focus of this therapy. Patients work on developing a healthy recovery program within their professional roles and address the requirements mandated by their respective licensure and monitoring boards. Dual-diagnosed patients participate in specialized groups designed to promote positive self-image and help them understand how their mental and emotional disorders influence recovery. Psychiatric consultations and follow-up are provided for those in need.  

When seeking treatment, look for programming that delivers the tools needed to build a sustainable foundation in recovery. 

Glenbeigh is an approved provider of the Ohio State Medical Board and the Ohio State Dental Board. Glenbeigh is experienced working with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), licensure boards and individuals. 

Our admissions specialists are available to answer your questions or help you get the process started with a free, confidential consultation.

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